About Us

Dos Sueños brings the magic and elegance of Mexican artisan hand blown glass to your dining table.

We hope to inspire a fine dining experience through quality craftsmanship and artistry. Our expectations for our glassware are high, because we know yours are too. Each piece is individually blown from molten recycled glass using techniques handed down for generations.

Browse our shop, pick your favorite designs, and enjoy your new glassware. Salud!

The Glassblowing Process

Glassblowing begins by taking molten glass on the end of a long pipe and blowing air into it in order to inflate the glass. While the glass begins to cool, the skilled artisan will gently turn the pipe and add color to the glass in order to form the  design they choose. There are many varieties to choose from as many different glass designs and colors exist.

As a result of each piece of glass being made by hand, each glass is truly unique. Size and color may vary slightly. The techniques used to produce the glasses may naturally leave tiny air bubbles in the glassware.

The process of hand blowing glass results in thick and durable glass. This quality cannot be replicated by modern glass production factories. If you hold one of our hand blown glasses in one hand and a regular machine manufactured drinking glass in the other, the difference is crystal clear. Our traditional Mexican hand
blown glassware is unmatched.

Environmentally Friendly

Our company is committed to keeping our planet as clean as possible. All of our glassware is made with lead-free recycled glass. All glass is 100% recyclable and can be melted and reused indefinitely with no loss of quality. Also, glass made from recycled glass minimizes related air pollution by 20% and related water pollution by 50%.

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